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Notions Magazine

Welcome to NOTIONS...

Launched in 1988, Notions magazine is an integral part of the Papaeliou Schools' academic activities.

Our schools' magazine is published towards the end of each academic year in some 2,000 copies and is free of charge. Its primary aim is to motivate students to become creative and, consequently, raise their self-esteem when they see their pieces of work published.

The magazine includes pieces of writing from all levels of both the French and the English departments, teachers' articles, interviews of eminent personalities, school news, crosswords and puzzles, and many more.

It is read with great pleasure by students, parents, and teachers as its articles are addressed to a diverse audience. If you would like to get a free copy, please contact one of our schools, by 'phone, fax or e-mail.

The Editor

Aristides Panayotou
Director of Studies

Papaeliou Schools of Foreign Languages

Founded during the period of foreign language expansion in the early 1950s, Papaeliou is widely known for the quality of its courses and its students' excellence. It is a school dedicated to teaching English and French, and its outstanding reputation is founded on the quality of its instruction, as well as the excellent results of its students in various exams