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The Schools

Inspiration for academic success

Papaeliou has four different school locations for the benefit of students who live in the greater area of Piraeus: two schools in Piraeus (Karaiskou and Venizelou), one in Nikea, and one (opening soon) in Glyfada.

Our experience in the field of foreign language teaching, spanning more than half a century, and our commitment to implementing the latest methodology in the area, guarantees our schools' uncompromising level of education.

Papaeliou students are active members of a vibrant environment where they learn to interact with their peers and acquire inspiration for academic success. 

Papaeliou - Nikaia

Papaeliou - Karaiskou (Main Building)

Papeliou - Venizelou

Pioneers in the field of EFL

Papaeliou Schools of Foreign Languages

Founded during the period of foreign language expansion in the early 1950s, Papaeliou is widely known for the quality of its courses and its students' excellence. It is a school dedicated to teaching English and French, and its outstanding reputation is founded on the quality of its instruction, as well as the excellent results of its students in various exams