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Burlington English (on-line courses)

Burlington English is a revolutionary on-line method to improve spoken English. A course subscription gives access to a unique learning environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of school, home or office. Burlington English offers schools and students the ultimate blended learning solution, by seamlessly integrating independent online learning with structured classroom teaching.

Teachers can monitor their student's progress from a convenient computer, in their home or school. Students can practise before or after each lesson, at school, at home or in their office, for unlimited time.

Burlington English constantly updates the teacher on the student's progress and highlights the areas of language where the student is encountering difficulties.

More info on the official Burlington English Website.

Papaeliou Schools of Foreign Languages

Founded during the period of foreign language expansion in the early 1950s, Papaeliou is widely known for the quality of its courses and its students' excellence. It is a school dedicated to teaching English and French, and its outstanding reputation is founded on the quality of its instruction, as well as the excellent results of its students in various exams